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DrugDevice.org has been created to help people discover the latest information about prescription drugs, medical devices and legal news.

Our goal is to inform and update individuals about these topics that seem to touch every aspects of our lives. We are a news source that truly appreciates every single one of our readers and will continually bring you the latest breaking news.

Business Manager: Allan Walsh

Allan Walsh has a passion for writing and has been in the publishing industry for the last 6 years. In 2013 he added marketing and business operations to his list of talents.  He has been working since Oct. 2015 on DrugDevice.org and is extremely proud to provide its content to the readers.

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Byline: C.D. Shephard

C.D. Shephard has been a professional writer and editor and communications coordinator through her entire career. She received her B.S. degree in Communications and Management from Adelphi University, minoring in finance and also received a variety of writing- and business-related certificates, including a certificate in Industrial Labor Relations from Cornell University.

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Byline: Lillian Chiu

Lillian Chiu has been blogging for many years and enjoys writing articles about a variety of topics by presenting important information about health, scientific and legal topics to a general audience. Ms. Chiu also has experience as freelancer writer and has written blogs for various websites and writing companies. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Fordham University.

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Byline: T. Kruger

Tabitha Kruger is a freelance writer who hails from Florida and has a BA degree from FSU. After many years of traveling around the U.S. she has decided to hang her hat at DrugDevice.org. Tabitha describes herself as a self-motivated workaholic that loves learning, running, shopping and going to the beach.

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Byline: D. Jordan

Danial Jordan is a writer and researcher for Drugdevice.org. He has worked for many newspapers and has experience writing in health communication & medical fields.  He holds a degree in English – Technical Communication from the University of Central Florida.

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Byline: C. Evans

Carl Evans Is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience, he’s worked for the CNN, Reader’s Digest, the Montreal Gazette, producing print, TV, radio and new media. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.com.

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DrugDevice.com advocates for people to make a stand against prescription drugs & devices that have harmful side effects and medical devices that cause damage. We do this by providing accurate, comprehensive information about these commonly used drugs and devices and by answering questions raised by people who contact us.

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